The TL;DR Onboarding

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The videos contain good, deep, powerful knowledge, but I am also aware that time is tight, especially if your online business (for now) is a side-thing to your 9-5, family, relationship, etc.

This document, therefore, contains a distilled version of what’s in the videos, covering the basic notion.

I still highly recommend watching the videos at some point, but with this we get you up to speed quickly.

1 – Important: Purpose and Direction 

I am your affiliate manager for SubliminalClub. My name is Alexander Graves, I am married with kids, run an online business, and am your first contact point for any questions regarding your affiliation for SC, as well as business questions. 

I have made multiple thousands Dollars in affiliate money already solely with the subs by SC, and I don’t have a huge following. 

It is absolutely possible, and I will teach you how, but also if you have detailed 

questions, here’s how you can reach me: 

Email: [email protected] (also make sure that this email address is whitelisted, because I will send important info to you through this channel) 

Affiliate Discord Group (you should’ve been added to this already) forum name: AlexSQ 

Telegram: @AlexanderGraves

Now, the important part: 

You are representing SubliminalClub with your affiliation

We screen the people we add to the affiliation, but we don’t monitor all the time what you put out. This is important to keep in mind, because I know that some people are inclined to use Religion, Race, Gender, or other controversial topics to get a lot of traffic to sell their affiliation better and stronger. 

We would advice against that. 

The subliminal industry is already a bit difficult because it attracts the weirdest people, and there are A LOT of objections regarding the subs in general (placebo, evil rituals, etc). 

Thus, if you use controversial topics, you put Subliminal Club in a bad light, and also the subs themselves. 

Understand, you are a representative of the company now and thus you should focus on putting it in the best light. 

After all, it’s not just about the money, right? You know yourself how powerful this tool is, and if anything, you want more people to get access to it. 

We don’t want to impose strict guidelines, but just keep in mind the purpose and direction of Subliminal Club and their slogan (Advancing Human Potential) and then you can figure out how you go about this yourself.

1.1 – What is Affiliate Marketing and How to Do It? 

You will get a link that looks something like this: 

Notice the “ref/33/” at the end. This is telling the shop system that the visitor came in via a affiliate link. If they then decide to buy the sub, you will get a commission credited for this. 

In the Affiliate portal, you can see how many you referred, your conversion rates (out of all the visitors, how many actually bought (were “converted”)), and how much payout is waiting. 

Understand, due to the 30-day refund for most of the subs, you will have to wait 30 days for it to be an actual sale, before you get your commission. 

Once the system is in place, you don’t even need the “ref/33/” at the end anymore, the system will use cookies. Meaning, once someone goes FROM your website to the Subliminal Club shop, you will automatically be credited. 

You can connect the dots. The way you make money with this is by getting people to click on your affiliate link. 

How to set up your blog/social media/etc. later in this document. 

1.2 – Affiliate Commissions 

For now, the levels are like this: 

15% Commission 

22% Commission 

30% Commission 

Generally, you start out with the 15% and can get a better commission over time if you do your job well, and get a lot of good traffic to SC. If you really have a big following and it works very well with subs, we can talk about 40%, but this will be decided for each specific case by the founders. 

Full Disclaimer

Starting with the 22% Commission level, I will also get a cut of your cut. For example, I get 2% of your 22%, meaning you get 20% (technically) for each sale, and I get 2% of the sale. 


Because I get paid for doing this this way. I taught you all the things on how to maximize your success, as well as being constantly available for questions, help, and setting things up. 

The first 15% layers is entirely yours. I get nothing. 

These numbers are subject to change, but you will be informed via email. 

2. How to Design Your Brand 

The most important mindset you need to cultivate is Impact over Money.” 

I know, initially you are driven to make big bucks with your brand/business, but you 

will make MUCH MORE long-term and live entirely free when you focus on creating value for people, impacting their life, over taking their money. 

Make it about the customer

Any video, post, tweet, eBook, whatever you do, focus on creating TONS of value for the customer, and THEN, on top, throw in a link to a sub to make it happen quicker. 

For example, on all my Youtube videos in the description I just drop “Subliminal Messaging program that works with this videos’ topic: Ecstacy of Gold” or similar. 

The video itself is not about the sub (except of course, if you do an actual review of a sub, which works very well also), it’s about a topic that gives a lot of value to the viewer/reader, and almost in a side-note or a by-sentence I drop randomly, I talk about a sub or mention it. 

2.1 – Forget Getting Rich Quickly 

I know people that make 10-100k per month with affiliate marketing (not SC for now, but in general), so it is possible to become rich with it. 

However, it takes a while to get there. 

Run Ecstacy of Gold. It will instill in you the mindset of the long-term game. 

Because THIS is where you find sustainable success. 

Growing too quickly isn’t even desirable because you’re likely not able to handle all the questions and DMs and emails and approaches. 

Grow slowly, but sustainably, that’s a much better approach. Focus on building systems so it all works smoothly once you succeed. 

(We go deeper into why viral stuff isn’t even good for your brand later in the social media section) 

Also, forget about money

Don’t think about money. Think about the product. Millionaires rarely think about money, they think about how to make their product better. 

Think SubliminalClub. Their subs are VERY affordable. It’s not about money for them, it’s about improving the product. 

THIS IS why they are so successful. 

If you need money right now, the affiliation will not solve it

Go washing dishes, get a raise, etc. 

Building your online brand is a long-term game. And if you are tight on money, you focus on money over impact again, and then you will fail. 

2.2 – Define Success For Yourself 

Success is different for everyone. It doesn’t have to be money, but it can be. 

If it IS money, then don’t make it about the numbers, but make it about what money can BUY. 

Being debt-free. Living your purpose in Bali each day or whatever. 

Or success is deep relationships with the community you build, and money is not so important. 

Your choice. 

But YOU need to decide this for yourself. 

Not me, not some guru, not Subliminal Club, for you. 

2.3 – Personal Brand or Not? 

Make it about the teaching, not the teacher. 

Even if you have a personal brand, it’s not about you. It is about what you teach. 

So in the end, it really doesn’t matter. I, for example, have a name (not mine) for my brand, but it is me talking and my face on it. Like a hybrid. 

This is entirely up to you. However, if you use a personal brand, it’s easier to branch out into other topics at some point, if you want to do so. Then again, a personal brand you cannot sell at some point. 

So be sure you WILL be doing this for the rest of your life

If it is your purpose, what you’re building there, then a personal brand is probably the way to go. 

3. How to Sell Subs 

People are fed up with being sold to, because we live in an age where everyone is selling their stuff left and right. 

So what you do is not selling subs at all. 

You just mention it on the side as I said above. It’s a byproduct. A second thought. 

Let’s say you have a piece about mental mastery or how to improve learning skills for study, then you can say “By the way, there is also this subliminal messaging program Limitless that will help with this subconsciously.” 

That’s it

Make it subtle. Don’t sell it, mention it. 

Plus, the subliminal industry has the problem that many of these things don’t work, are scammy and pointless, or even put satanic energies in your mind. 

So what you do when you try to sell subs is to work with people’s objections. 

Help them to overcome their objections so they see the benefits

Make reviews, share YOUR own experiences. 

Personal stories, your own successes, imagery etc. this is SUPER powerful. People need proof of these things from ACTUAL humans. 

Think about a customer journey. Picking them up where they are, where they think it’s all BS, and guide them along the path, science, results, etc. to the top of the mountain which is your affiliate link to the sub. 

Make it about the customer

What do THEY get from it? 

Can THEY understand what the sub is doing? Or how does the sub make the video better for them? 

Always value over money. 

Don’t overwhelm your readers/watchers/listeners with links everywhere. Because that – again – comes off salesy. 

The key lies in finding the delicate balance between selling something, but not making it look like selling something. And don’t worry, you will figure this out along the path (long term again, get it?). 

Run True Sell if you need guidance with that. 

Use the lingo your audience actually understands

Depending on your niche, people might know what the subconscious is, or ultrasonic, etc. But the mass market has not a single clue about the subconscious mind, subliminal messaging, etc. So you gotta meet them where they are. With the words they understand, so they can RELATE to you. 

4- How Traffic Works 

First, definitely also check out other successful creators sharing their knowledge on all these things, but especially traffic. I am not the end all be all on these topics. But I’ll give you my basic outline. 

Traffic is necessary

You can have the best offer/product (and subs ARE that), but if nobody sees the actual offer, nobody is going to buy. 

As much as I don’t like marketing, it is a necessity for ANY business that wants to be profitable. 

That’s just how it is. 

Traffic just means how many people come by your offer. 100,000 people visited your website, that is your traffic. 

The more traffic > the more people will buy

Your offer doesn’t have to be perfect, your traffic needs to be high. 

Traffic does NOT mean subscriber or follower count

Twitter, for example, shows you how many people saw a tweet (called Impressions). Just because you have a lot of subscribers or followers, doesn’t mean the exact number of people see your offer and potentially buy. 

Of the 14,000 followers I have on Twitter, only about 300-700 usually see my tweets. So that one link won’t be seen my 14k people. 

Plus, you have a CTR (Click-Through-Rate) which indicates how many of those people who saw the tweet, actually went and clicked. 

Which is usually way lower. A CTR of 5-10% is actually pretty good. 

So not many people will ever see the posts of your followers, out of those not many will click, and out of those, even less will eventually pull their credit card and DO buy for you to get a commission. 

Can you already see how traffic is important? 

The more people go through this chain of events, the higher the chance of someone actually buying

Build an audience, traffic, first. 

You rather have 1,000 raving fans over 1,000,000 subscribers

I will now seemingly contradict myself. 

I said you need to increase traffic. Absolutely. But you don’t need a huge number. What you need is, out of that traffic, to weed out the people that truly RELATE to you and your offer. 

When you think of traffic as actual traffic on a motorway, a few will take the exit and check out your store. 

Many of them will then leave and never be seen again. 

But a few will always come back because they enjoyed your company so much. 

THOSE are the ones you want

It is said, 20% of your customers make 80% of your revenue. You want that small group of people that are obsessed with you over 1 million people that stopped by once.

4.1 Warming Up Traffic 

Cold traffic is when the person has not seen anything of you, ever, or just a little bit. 

Warm traffic is when the person knows who you are and what you offer. 

Thus, your job with your social media presence is to warm up the audience and potential new people to know who you are, what you do, most importantly -> what THEY GET from you, and thus “warm them up.” 

It’s like going on a first date (cold traffic)

Your goal is to warm her up to you and what you have to offer so she decides to “buy” from you. You get the picture. 

This is yet again, why it’s important to NOT sell right away. 

If someone sees your stuff for the first time, and you talk about a sub right away, that’s like going on a first date and dropping your pants. 

Too soon, friend. 

You do this through building trust via your own stories, your experiences, providing value, entertainment, fun, joy, education, and value. So they are more likely to come back to your videos/posts. 

How to do it

Develop a customer journey. How do they go through your free (social media) stuff and where they end up. 

The end-goal in my opinion should ALWAYS be getting them on your personal e-mail list. 

If you don’t have an email list yet, you’re sleeping on that. 

Use to set one up for free. 

It doesn’t matter if you only write to 5 people on that list, this is where you can hone your writing skills. 

The big reason for this is, then you actually own your audience. 

You’re not bound to Youtube algorithms or Google banning websites. You have your email list of people for you alone. Plus, you get right into their Inbox. They are more likely to see it as opposed to being recommend on an app. 

When on Youtube, only 10% of your subscribers see your newest videos, with email you get usually around 50% open rate on any email you send. 

Much better reach. 

For this, you need sign up links EVERYWHERE

On my website I have them in the footer, the header, in the posts, on dedicated pages, etc. It’s just one-line input, no annoying popups, just that one line. Make it subtle and blocking the actual content. 

When it comes to blog posts, I DO have sub links in all my posts. This works, because people generally are likely to click on links in blog posts. 

With a Youtube video, for example, you really only have ONE pitch (offer) to give them before you lose them, and thus this should be the email signup. 

Because then you can repeatedly give them the offer and warm them up even more. 

In the emails you write (I write one per week), you actually sell a bit harder. People know you in there, they took the first step to give you their email list (like a first kiss), now can unbutton your shirt a bit. 

Again, don’t just plaster it with links. The email still needs to give a ton of value, but there it’s much easier to sell to people. 

So far, all this was so called organic traffic. There is also paid traffic by running ads, this is something for later. 

First, you need to find your audience organically. The true human nature of what people actually want from you. Then you can think of paying for sending THOSE kinds of people to your offers with a algorithm.

5 – Dominating Social Media 

Social Media is awesome, if used correctly. 

Most don’t use it correctly because they waste their time with cat videos. 

But if used correctly, it helps you to connect with people on the same path, and people willing to pay you for it. 

In the case of your business, it is a showcase, a portfolio of what you have to offer and who you are. 

And you use it for building trust

Warming up traffic. 

This is done with personal stories, personal experiences, HONEST reviews, etc. 

When in doubt, be brutally honest

Do not sugarcoat. 

With so many fake personas and celebrities, people are EAGER for real people. 

And again, value value value

Social Media is only designed to give value out for people. 

Give your best stuff out for free. 

I know you wanna sell that to people in your own courses, etc. But if you want to stand out, give TONS of value to people for free on social media and then go deeper into topic in a course or via the sub affiliate links. 

And after you have given them a ton of value, you mention your email list or sub 

But ALWAYS AFTER you added value.

5.1 – Authenticity and the Herd 

Humans are herd animals. We follow trends and leaders. 

However, forget get-rich-quick-schemes and trends when it comes to your creation. 

If you want to join a trend, you are already too late. You need to develop a trend yourself before it happens. 

Get-rich-quick-schemes are designed to make YOU the product through YOUR money. 

Ignore all these things, overcome your inner drive to follow the herd and do what want to do. 

For example, short-form content is the newest thing. YT shorts, IG reels, all that. 

But maybe this is NOT your style? 

You like to talk about a topic for an hour. 

Then do THAT. 

There are many successful creators doing that out there. 

You can still take short snippets out of a long video or create short tweets out of blog post to feed the algorithm gods. 

But the main driving force should NOT be pleasing those, but yourself and dream audience

ONLY then will you create long-term success. 

A trend can always be gone. 

Your purpose won’t. 

Social Media is a testing ground. 

Not every video/tweet/post needs to kill it. Use it to test what works with your 

audience and what doesn’t. 

Try new things you wanna talk about. 

The key thing is to being authentic to your true self. THIS IS what people follow. 


5.2 – Viral is Bad 

Everyone wants to have those viral videos and posts that millions of people saw share with their friends. 

And I’ve been there. I had 80k view videos and 6-figure views on my blog. 

The problem was, it sent the wrong people to me. 

Those weren’t my target audience. 

Meaning, most of them never came back, confused the algorithm to what I truly and just made things worse. 

You want sustainable longterm success and growth

This is achieved by slowly growing your views and audience. Not with one 1 million video. 

If you already have an established following, going viral is fine, IF the video is aligned with that audience. 

Focus on every video killing it with your audience, and not one video killing it everyone.

5.3 – Automate Everything 

Your time is limited. 

James Clear (author of Atomic Habits) talks a lot about systems thinking

I developed the following system for my social media: 

1. I write an email about a topic 

2. I turn this email into a blog post (almost 1:1 copy) 

3. I turn this blog post into a Twitter thread and a few shorter tweets 

4. I turn the short tweets into IG posts or carousels 

5. I turn the blog post/email into a Youtube Video 

6. I turn the Youtube video into Youtube Short snippets, IG Reels (and posts), as well as Tik-Tok (basically uploading the same video everywhere) 

With just ONE idea/email, I populated my entire social media stack. 

Without spending much time. It’s easy to turn an existing video into a reel as making an IG reel from scratch. 

You can also up it even more by using to automate posting. Whenevera new Youtube video, it automatically sends that link to Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin, so I don’t even have to post it manually. 

Use or to schedule and automate tweets There are MANY many ways to establish systems in your business that make easier to create content.

5.4. Don’t Fall for Shiny Object Syndrome 

You can start a youtube channel with your iPhone. 

I publish 


new ideas. 

A website with Elementor is $80/year and you can click it together. 

You don’t need that fancy, shiny stuff. 

It won’t make your content better

Content excels through the content itself. Not how it is presented (or not only). 

There are websites and channels out there with bad presentations, but LOTS because the content is just awesome. 

Focus on THAT. 

Same with the social media platforms. 

Choose ONE main platform you focus on (in my case, youtube) and then 

But don’t try to be the king on ALL of them.

5.5. Impatience 

Everyone you see online who has millions of views, started at some point with just a few viewers per video. 

Impatience is a killer

You will have to go through months, maybe years of NOT seeing much growth success, and suddenly it explodes. 

One of my videos exploded out of nowhere, months later. 

Remember Ecstasy of Gold that teaches you long-term thinking. 

You gotta suck it up and sometimes work on your purpose without ANY results. 

This is why purpose always succeeds over following trends and schemes. 

Because you will keep pushing, regardless of nothing happening. 

Keep pushing and you will succeed

Alright, this was it for the TLDR onboarding, which was still quite long, this is a STRONG baseline of many topics of my lessons-learned over 5 years.

Remember, if you have any questions, join the affiliate discord group and/or send an email to: [email protected]

Happy creating and help SubClub Advance Human Potential!